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Health Services

Providing effective and innovative healthcare for the people and the community we serve.


A friendlier healthcare experience.

Our utmost objective is to assist all our clients in coordinating and managing their mental health necessities using techniques such as diagnosis, treatment, and recovery appropriate to the clients’ culture. We offer an all-inclusive physical, and mental assessment of all of our clients. 


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How We Can Help

Alpha New Hope Health Services
Female Patient In Consultation With Doctor Sitting At Desk In Office

Initial 60-minute appointment to determine diagnosis and treatment plan

Prescribed medication non-adherence. Female patient counting pills.

Ongoing management of prescription medications, with up to 30 minute follow-up appointments.

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We provide professional and private evaluations for patients seeking to legally obtain a MD Medical Cannabis Card.

We meet with adults for 60 minutes for the first session, including a clinical formulation and treatment recommendations.

Our Core Values

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Our Offices

Monday -Friday 9:00am-5:00pm